Gravity is an instrumental jazz and gospel group based in Columbus, Ohio. We play a mixture of contemporary and classic jazz, soul, R&B, and urban gospel music.

The group originally started out as a 15 member urban gospel group called God's People Rendering Inspirational Praise (G.R.I.P.). However, the logistics and economics of managing a group of that size were untenable.

The group members love styles of music that have roots in the church: jazz, soul, and R&B. With the success of the gospel-jazz brunch format for clubs and churches, Gravity was formed in order to play multiple styles of music in a variety of settings.

The group has played at many events and organizations including the Columbus Jazz & Rib Fest, the Columbus Arts Festival, the West Virginia Wine & Jazz Festival, Maria's Lounge, The Lincoln Theatre, Las Margaritas, The American Diabetes Association, and The Troubadour.

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